Cyber Cost Reduction Calculator

Have you ever wondered the cost of going after RMF, FedRAMP or the continuous monitoring required after achieving them? We broke it down for you. And you can plug in your own values. See how OpenRMF® Professional can increase your efficiency!

Do not worry: we DO NOT save or transmit your data in any way.
These calculations are all done client side in your browser.

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Fill out the labor rates, number of scans, system packages and other information below to see the additional costs of manually performing cybersecurity work for RMF and/or FedRAMP.

The result is an estimated reduction of labor hours and reduction in money spent performing your RMF and/or FedRAMP processes. Compare the labor hours and reduction in money spent to a custom price quote on OpenRMF® Professional for you and your team's needs.

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Importing SCAP Scans and Checklists *


Upgrading Checklists for New Quarterly Releases **


Tracking All Vulnerabilities ***

This is to track all Vulnerabilities in all checklists across Category I, II, and III (high, medium, low) as well as status of Open, N/A, Not a Finding or Not Reviewed. And to track changes in them as they happen for reporting.

Correlating All Vulnerabilities to NIST Controls ***

This is to track Vulnerabilities, CCIs, and NIST Controls and Subcontrols against the C-I-A Level or Tailored controls as well as overlays.

Tracking POAM Entries ****


Estimated Total Reduction / Year with OpenRMF® *****


* SCAP Scan imports in OpenRMF® within seconds. It will be totally automated in v2.6 with the API.
** Assumes manually copying vulnerability data between older and newer checklist.
*** Tracking vulnerabilities is across all checklists and patch scans while noting changes and reasons for change.
**** Assumes manually tracking POAM items across checklists and patch scan vulnerabilities versus using OpenRMF® automated POAM tracking and update
***** The calculated time and money reduces is an estimate based on your time and data input, known time spent in OpenRMF® for the same work performed, and assumes knowledge of using OpenRMF® Professional from a user perspective. Your results may vary.