About Soteria Software

Soteria Software was born from the idea of automating the massively manual steps of collecting, classifying, managing, and reporting on cyber compliance.

This is our story.

The amount of data to collect, track, analyze, and report is more and more overwhelming. Which means automation must come into play to allow confidence and trust to permeate the process. And de-stress the directors, managers, staff, assessors, and government officials at the same time.

This has been the conversation with the owners of Soteria Software since 2004...and no one solved this growing problem. So in the summer of 2018 we started working on what has become OpenRMF®!

From then on we have added functionality, APIs, an improved user interface, AuthN/AuthZ, SCAP scan import, updating STIG checklists, and more. We were constantly asked for more and more and saw a need for not just an open source OpenRMF® OSS. We saw a need for the larger organizations, agencies, and even commercial companies to track revisions, merge scans, and perform continuous monitoring. This company, Soteria Software, was created to fill that need.

OpenRMF Professional Dashboard
OpenRMF Professional Patch Vulnerability Score
OpenRMF Professional Differences Report
OpenRMF Professional System Package Mitigation Statements
OpenRMF Professional System Package POAM
OpenRMF Professional Ports, Protocols, Services
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OpenRMF Professional Differences Report

We are hunting for GSD'ers

At Soteria Software we believe in the Get "Stuff" Done concept! And we are looking for testers, developers, help desk, and requirements personnel. A great place to start -- go to OpenRMF® OSS . This upstream project is where great ideas happen. Where additions to the ecosystem of OpenRMF® happen.

In today's world...we are ALL Cyber professionals. Check out the project!

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